Welcome to the website of Dr. David Henthorn’s Lab at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN, USA.

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Research and Teaching Interests

Our lab studies the following:

I also collaborate with individuals on food research, including:

For more information on our research projects, see Projects and Tools

Talks and Lectures

Some upcoming talks:

  1. Illuminating the Dark Data of Critical Infrastructure, InfluxDays EMEA, May 18-19, 2021.
  2. Bridging the Gap: Getting the Dam Engineers and the Flippin’ Cybersecurity People Talking, Circle City Con June 11-13, 2021.
  3. Purdue CERIAS summer seminar, July 14, 2021.

Some recent talks:

  1. X-Time Talks: The Science and Engineering of Chocolate, X-Time Lectures, 2021.
  2. Challenges in Securing Critical Infrastructure, Guest lecture for UW Madison Graduate Class on Cybersecurity, 2020.
  3. The Science and Engineering of Chocolate, Rose-Hulman Alumni Talks (with K. Henthorn), 2020.
  4. Digital Transformation of the Unit Operations Lab, AIChE Annual Conference (online), 2020.
  5. Cloud Historians for Online Lab Education, AIChE Education Forum Virtual Community (online), 2020.
  6. Academic Hub and the Unit Operations Lab, PI World (San Francisco, CA), 2019.